Our motto is: "Art Records Experience and Makes History"

Our workshops give students an opportunity to understand themselves and their place in the world through art.

We demystify and model the creative process, so students can recreate the process.

Students experience self-direction in their artistic choices. This personalizes their learning.

The Theme approach actively integrates various learning modalities.

Visual cues are balanced with written/verbal language skills.

Art is viewed as an integral part of life and as one aspect of creativity.

An Art Shift Program is built on clear objectives, gathered skills in a step-by-step process. Our expectations are high. Our results are remarkable.


Observations made by participating teachers:


*Students are able to create aesthetic artwork, develop their presentation style.
*Students are able to interpret, and appreciate many art forms and activities.
*Students present ideas on issues clearly, using artistic tools and techniques beyond their previous abilities.
*Students discover interests, goals, strengths and values in a cultural context. This improves self-image, self-esteem and self-awareness.
*Students take their place in the continuum of creative and inventive individuals and are prepared to contribute with their ideas, actions and effort.
*Students gain satisfaction from contributing to collaborative cultural work.They may enjoy mentoring younger students as their cultural metrix expands.
*The enquiry process helps students see that cultural creation is connected to questioning, discussion and solution based processes.
*Students see what it takes to get something done in the real world and share in the artist's specialty and mastery.
*Students are encouraged to consider their career options.


*Students recognize relevancy of core school subjects when concepts are applied, first hand to complete their artwork.
*Student's abilities to think, sort, analyse and see patterns are activated by the project. Empirical skills are tuned and tested.
*Projects integrate a variety of learning modalities, thus improving the student's active intelligence, retention and co-ordination.
Students express opinions and observations in class as a result of completing an in-depth project.
*Students develop teamwork skills and learn to think socially which matures their attitudes to others while learning.
*Students are able to work with high expectations and limited time.
*Students are intrigued, rather than overwhelmed by challenges,


*Teachers gain experience using hands-on learning art projects to explore areas of the curriculum in an engaging atmosphere.
*Teachers will discover student's abilities, strengths and personal goals and can help the student become an asset to the class.
*The students are encouraged by their accomplishments and this improves classroom morale and focus.
*Students are satisfied with their participation and classes run smoothly.
*Practical skills learned in the art workshop show up in assignment presentations.
*Students feel connected and will be more likely to contribute, encourage others and volunteer for activities.
*A workshop can serve as the basis for a shift to interdisciplinary teaching.
*Teachers see a how workshop strategies work in his/her classroom and can adopt these exercises and methods.


*As students become familiar with avenues of self expression, they can actively and peacefully find ways of interacting with their society to become co- creators.
*The broad cultural introduction experienced in the workshop, gives students a basis for community participation within the arts.
*In knowing they are the source of their personal culture, young people believe that what they do/think/feel matters in the world. They will therefore be more willing to participate in projects that benefit themselves and others.
*Stimulated by the practical application of ideas, students will research and develop areas of interest and aptitude.
*Students will create greater opportunities for the community, as they are more in touch with what is doable and workable. This can evolve into new projects, entrepreneurial business, fundraising, solutions to local or wider issues. Students can initiate new projects share their ideas, ideals, interests and learning with the community i.e. a coffee house series to encourage all forms of expression.