To build ART SHIFT Workshops into a successful arts resource and consulting service agency for school, personal development and business.

To improve the relationship communities have with local artists. Explore the value artists provide as cultural resources and experts in their fields. To integrate the arts into more fields of study, work and play and bring about change through creative thinking.

To provide learning workshops where students can safely access their creative resources.

To create mindful learning experiences for students early in life that will contribute to their ability to participate in their culture and society.

To provide opportunities for individuals to develop pathways for constructive imagination, intentionality, self-esteem and mutual respect through collaborative, focused art workshops.

To provide a practical context in which groups can problem-solve around important issues, creating new ways of thinking and possibilities for the future.

To provide maturing initiatory experiences for youth and inspire their capacity and enthusiasm for life.


To provide relevant hands-on creative visual arts workshops.

To train local artists aligned with Art Shift goals.

To offer a start up process, with consultation and support for school administration and local interested organisations who wish to work in partnership to provide this service.

To build a database of interested groups/individuals, artists/teachers or school regions without borders.

To develop more understanding on the benefits of in-depth art projects for learners and teachers.

To create collaborative strategies for working with community organisations to provide arts-in-education services; such as groups that support oral history, arts, social awareness, cultural diversity, peace and personal enrichment etc.

To continue to develop documentation and follow-up components. To access research possibilities in this area.

To create work that we love to do.