Here are some examples of individual visual art theme workshops that have been customized to enhance a segment of the learning curriculum. The artist and teacher, in preparation, can discuss strategies for introducing the material, so that student's advanced research dovetails with the project. As schools become familiar with the supportive role the artists' projects can play to the classroom ecology, schools can then make the workshops an integral part of the grades studies.

In addition to covering some part or parts of the curriculum obligations, schools also benefit from the high quality artwork produced. It is important that the participating students display their work to the rest of the school and their community. Some projects remain as bench-marks in the school hallways. Other work is part of the graduating classes' personal displays. As you will see, one school involved the whole student body in developing a modern school crest. Here are some example workshops. Our aim is to work with schools to define curriculum areas and school needs. Workshops can cover a wide scope of material when groups work on different areas of interest with different projects within the workshop theme.

Heraldic Crests
Recycled Junk Sculptures
Pre-K to Grade 4 Tool Box
Jewelry Techniques and Art Wear
Medallions of Peace, Courage and Insight
Heritage and Genealogy