It can be fun when art is used as a medium to develop a cohesive working team spirit and well functioning group. It is important to be able to set and meet goals in the real world and creating three dimensional artwork brings reality back into focus while alleviating stresses that build up over interpersonal miscommunication and competition.

Your team can learn to depend on each other's individual strengths which contribute to the group's effectively working together. We have projects that can develop excitment and thoughtful focus while developing an atmosphere of relaxation within the group that can evolve into natural reliance and smooth interdependency.

These projects would be ideal to include as a component or focus for a retreat when wanting to develop new working or friendship possibilities for your group or company.


We also have a variety of projects for adults and teens than can be selected from the artists who teach traditional or modern fine arts like jewelry making, sculpture, mixed media projects, paper making and colage. As a form of expression in combination with a search for meaning, art projects can energize capabilities and settle groups to a more refined level of inter-action and depth of understanding.

We believe that our art projects can serve as an initiatory focus for teens, finding responsibility for self and also their place in the community or group. Individuals can find their personal connection and relevancy through their designs and by receiving group support and find solutions in organic processes of practical problem solving. The real becomes defined and the imagination transforms into a tool for healing solutions rather than an escape.

Adult Fun!
Jewelry Making & Metal Work