Sir Mackenzie Bowell Public School students created life-sized self-portraits with a sculptural mask-making process. Students visualized their future appearance, attributes and goals in the long-term. They modeled their own masks, working in teams of two with plaster strips, and built an upper torso, fine tuning the details with cloth and paint. Then they added accessories and props to their self-image to complete the picture.

An adventure in career self-counselling and character building, this kind of exercise can save precious time. It is not so important that the children live up to their vision exactly. It is important that they have a process in thinking to guide them in their short and long term goals and a context to field their potential in all areas of their lives. Having self-determination is important for students during this period as they make the shift from childhood to adulthood and from middle to high school. In developing and maintaining a personal perspective, they can take responsibility for their actions and their successes.

Artist: Paul Portelli