This project is excellent for students from 9 years old to young adults. The project aims to teach basic metal working skills including: sawing, shaping, stamping, piercing and riveting. Students learn designing skills and develop project ideas along a theme. Example projects include medals which define a personal characteristic, room ornaments that can also be worn or costume accessories typical of a time in the past or in a possible future. Students learn to design and plan their projects efficiently and to solve problems with the tools and techniques at their disposal. They become familiar with properties of the various metals, their forms and gages etc. and will feel comfortable with fabrication techniques. The workshop may be integrated with a play that uses the jewellery as props.

Participants discover personal abilities through the medium while learning ancient skills for creating artifacts using the principles of metallurgy. Their understanding of ornamentation expands beyond the commercial to include sociological and archeological implications. They learn that ornamentation can fulfill a variety of purposes and functions. Participants can simultaneously explore their interests and social perspectives through this experience.