The class began studying a manufacturing component of the curriculum by visiting a local factory to observe industrial practices and resource use.

The aim of this workshop was to transform the products of modern manufacturing into sculptures that resolve a relevant theme. Working in groups, students investigate the positive and negative values inherent in their theme . The class retrieved materials from several sources including home, school, factories, business and the local country dump. The materials covered a wide scope of cultural and utilitarian activities, which had required a commitment of energy to produce. The students saw themselves as unfinished and in a process. They discovered that taking responsibility for their own ideas is the beginning of becoming an adult. Their work effectively reclaimed the lost potential of these materials. Students produced a Gallery show of their completed works to which the lower grades were invited to ask questions. After, the sculptures were on display for a month in a local storefront.

"Ms. Jacob was comfortable with the new curriculum philosophy and her program produced an integrated theme which ran parallel with the educational outcomes"

"After the project, the class produced a Fantasyland for the primary students. The focus and imagination these students employed was incredible! This degree of teamwork, energy and vision, I feel, was a direct outcome of the work Ms Jacob did with my students." quotes from Mrs. M Gough, Madoc Public School